September 3, 2015 - Trans Tech Unveils Enhanced Safety and Design Features for 2017 Model Year

Warwick, NY -  All of Trans Tech’s 2017 model year Type-A school buses will include several new enhanced safety and design innovations, which resulted from working closely with Trans Tech’s customers and national dealer network.  The vehicle enhancements are a direct result of Trans Tech’s customer-focused approach to school bus design and manufacturing.

“We are very excited about our new enhanced safety and design features for the 2017 model year,” said Trans Tech President John Phraner.  “Incorporating the safety and operational needs of our customers into our vehicle engineering and manufacturing processes is very important and it allows us to build a bus that continues to exceed market expectations.”

The new safety and design features range from a redesigned entrance door, which will enhance passenger safety by increasing headroom by four inches, to innovative rub-rail end caps that eliminates the need for welds an enhances corrosion protection.

Additional design enhancements include innovatively engineered rear wheel fenders to eliminate unnecessary secure points to improve corrosion protection and vehicle appearance, and powder coated door handles, which will replace the current chrome plated handles to enhance handle durability and vehicle aesthetics.  The 2017 model year enhancements are a direct result of listening and responding to customer feedback, along with Trans Tech’s relentless commitment to passenger safety and innovative design.

“Trans Tech’s 2017 model year enhancements are all part of the company’s desire to exceed customer expectations.  Trans Tech continues to lead the Type-A school market in vehicle innovation and design,” said Phraner. “These innovations not only enhance our entire line-up, they will lead to even greater overall customer and dealer satisfaction.  Trans Tech is committed to manufacturing the safest, most durable and versatile Type-A school buses in the world.”

The enhancements are standard and will be installed on every new Trans Tech bus starting this November, when production on the 2017 model year buses begins.  Trans Tech will also debut one of its 2017 school buses with the new features at the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) annual conference November 6th – 10th in Richmond, Virginia.

Highlights of the new Safety and Design Features:

  • Passenger Entrance Door – The redesigned door control and service door control mechanism increases headroom from 74 to 76 inches.  This enhances passenger convenience and safety due to improved passenger accessibility.

  • Rub-Rail End Caps – The need for welding has been eliminated with newly designed end caps that easily slide under the rub-rail with overlap.  This innovation provides overlapping for increased strength and eliminates potential corrosion points.

  • Rear Wheel Fender – A redesign in fender secure points eliminates the need for cosmetic sealant.  This structural and cosmetic improvement increases the buses durability and aesthetics.

  • Door Handles – Instead of chrome plating, 2017 model door handles will be powder coated black.  Handle mounting brackets will be powder coated stainless steel.   These structural and cosmetic improvements will protect against corrosion and increase durability.

“We pride ourselves on being school bus innovators,” Phraner said.  “Our aerodynamic and stylish designs improve fuel efficiency, Trans Tech’s Versa-Track seating provides maximum safety and versatility, our best-in-class 3 year/60,000 mile vehicle warranty is unmatched, and we are re-energizing an American icon with the power of electricity by introducing the world’s only all-electric Type-A school bus…and as long as we stay connected to our customers Trans Tech will continue to innovate and lead into the future.”

John Phraner - Trans Tech President (480x 320)

 Trans Tech President John Phraner