October 13, 2015 - Trans Tech Customer Feedback Helps Drive Industry-Leading Innovations

Warwick, NY - Feedback from Trans Tech's customers is helping drive industry-leading innovation in our flooring and seating designs.

Type-A school buses engineered and built by Trans Tech feature our unique pan-formed floors and Versa-Track seating system.  These exclusive design and engineering features are a big part of what makes Trans Tech Type-A school buses industry-leaders in safety and durability, along with unmatched versatility and toughness.

“We’re proud to say that our industry-leading pan-formed floors and Versa-Track seating are standard in every Type-A school bus we manufacture,” said Trans Tech President John Phraner.  “We work closely with our customers and distributors to make sure we are not just meeting their safety and versatility needs, but that we are exceeding them.”

Trans Tech’s Pan-Formed Floors

Trans Tech is the only Type-A school bus manufacturer that uses pan-formed floor safety technology in every bus it makes.  Instead of the industry norm, typically a grid design using a number of separate panels to make up the floor, the pan-formed floors in Trans Tech’s Type-A school buses are a flat, one-piece, welded design made from 14-guage, galvanized steel.  The company’s pan-formed floors provide unparalleled strength and corrosion resistance – making Trans Tech buses the toughest and one of the longest lasting buses on the road.

This totally unique design, exclusive to Trans Tech Type-A school buses, resists corrosion and allows for increased protection against the elements.  In addition, it provides Trans Tech’s Type-A buses with big-bus strength and durability, including enhanced crash protection and safety, especially from side impacts.

Another unique feature with Trans Tech’s pan-formed floors is ease of access to the buses fuel pump, which helps to reduce the time and cost of preventative maintenance and routine servicing.

Versa-Track Seating

Trans Tech’s Versa-Track seating allows for seating for up to 30 passengers, and is standard on every Trans Tech Type-A school bus.  It’s the most versatile, durable, and safest seating system in the Type-A school bus industry.

The uniqueness in Trans Tech’s Versa-Track seating is found in the engineering and design of the system.  The Versa-Track system consists of two tracks on each side, one floor-mounted and the other side-mounted.  The more common approach is to bolt the seats directly through the floor, which can lead to a greater risk of corrosion and reduce the strength of the bus.

The Trans Tech Versa-Track system greatly reduces the risk of corrosion and, with its heavy-duty side-mounted track, increases the overall strength of the bus and provides enhanced crash protection, especially from side impacts.

The Versa-Track system allows customers to easily adjust and modify the floor plan to meet their particular needs, including seating arrangements, seat types, restraint systems, and special needs requirements.

After seating is installed, the track is protected by rubber covers helping prevent harmful elements, including dirt or water, from getting in and damaging the system.

“Although these industry-leading design and safety features are all part of our deep commitment to manufacture the safest, most durable and versatile Type-A school buses in the world, it doesn’t mean we’ve stopped trying to build an even better bus,” said Phraner.  “In fact, we’ve taken customer feedback to our engineers and added some new enhanced safety and design features for our upcoming 2017 model year”.

These new features include a redesigned entrance door to enhance passenger safety by increasing headroom, innovative rub-rail end caps that eliminate the need for welds and provide enhanced corrosion protection, new rear wheel fenders with improved corrosion protection, and more durable and aesthetically pleasing door handles.

“Trans Tech will continue to listen to our customers, and we won’t stop looking for ways to push the industry forward,” said Phraner.  “From pan-formed floors to Versa-Track seating, from our aerodynamic, fuel efficient designs to our all-electric eSeries school bus, and our best-in-class 3 year/60,000 mile vehicle warranty, we will continue to look for ways to innovate and lead, and, most importantly, do our best to exceed customer expectations – it’s part of our company’s DNA”.

Trans Tech SST Type -A School Bus (480x 320)

Trans Tech SST