CST - Child Safe Transporter


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From pre-school to high school, this multifunction school activity bus and sister to the SST provides unmatched versatility and freedom with six unique floor configurations and optional flat-floor.


Body Model – CC139DSSA409
Description – CST-Chevrolet 139 WB/DRW-“MFSAB” Activity Bus, Standard Floor/ Ambulatory/Body 4+9

Chassis Model – GC4G159D142
Description – GMC Savanna Cutaway, 6.0 Gasoline, DRW/159WB – 14, 2000 GVWR

Standard Equipment


  • Tailpipe, Route to rear bumper


  • Plywood Floor, ½” thick
  • Floor structure, 14 gauge Pan-formed Floors
  • Insulation, 1 ½” in sides & roof & insulate roof bows
  • Bumper, 3/16" steel powder coated black
  • Door control, manually operated with T-bar


  • Glass, Tempered entrance door
  • Glass, Tempered observation window located forward tempered glass
  • Emergency Door, Anodized aluminum frame with 1 full tempered glass
  • Glass, Tempered & light tinted 62% light transmission rear vision windows
  • Window, Split sash 26” wide tempered & light tinted 62% light transmission


  • Step treads, For two step step-well ribbed black rubber with white nosing
  • Interior ceiling panels, pre-painted white aluminum
  • Floor rubber, black
  • Mirror, interior rear view 6” X 16”


  • Rub rails, Seat level & Floor level (Seat level wrap around rear)
  • Mirrors, Crossover rosco mini Hawkeye
  • Mirrors, Side view rosco Eurostle, black brackets for GM


  • Back up alarm, 97 Decibel
  • Hold open device, Rear emergency door. Required on school bus & MFSAB
  • 3 point latch, Rear emergency door. Required on school bus & MFSAB
  • Grab rail, Full length stainless steel attached to barrier and to step well


  • Paint exterior, Summit white
  • Decals, “Emergency Door” Black with black arrow on outside “Emergency Exit” Black with red arrow inside
  • Decals, “To Open” Black letters on inside and outside of emergency door
  • Decal, “Trans Tech” Logo in rear of bus
  • Decal, “Trans Tech” Logo on each side of bus on roofline
  • Reflective tape, Yellow surrounding emergency door
  • Decal, “School Bus” Black letter ext roof caps


  • Brake lights, 4” Red LED
  • Clearance lights, LED front & rear recessed
  • Marker lights, LED front & rear recessed
  • Backup Lights, 4” Clear LED
  • Side MTD turn signals, LED MTD between window line & seat level rub rails
  • Turn signals, 4” Amber LED


  • Floor structure, 14 Gauge overlay in lieu of 24 gauge
  • Wheel Chair Entrance Door, 58 ½”H X 46”. Anodized aluminum frame with 34 ½”w X 28 ¾”H tempered glass area. Includes single rub rail and 3 pt lock mechanism
  • Wheel chair door hold open device
  • Ceiling mounted lift light, illuminates interior lift platform area
  • Super spring, Compensate for lift weight


FLOOR - Floor consist of 14-gauge G-90 galvanized steel transverse hat section cross members, secured to the chassis frame by isoprene rubber isolators using grade 8 bolts. The side perimeter of the floors is then reinforced with 16-gauge G-90 galvanized crash rails which encapsulate the ends. Some of the benefits to this flooring are it uses fewer parts, less body seams, longer life, better corrosion protection and reduces water infiltration points.

BODY AND BOW STRUCTURE - The roof bows and side posts are combined in one piece of continuous roll-formed hat section 14-gauge G-90 galvanized steel and are bolted into the impact panel with four bolts on each bow. Lower perimeter impact panels run the full length of the vehicle, encapsulate the ends of the floor frame cross-members and are welded in place for extra security. Vertical impact panels are welded to the seat level all track for enhanced safety during side impact events. The cab-over panel frame design results in improved distribution of stress loads to multiple cab attachment points. Better cab over roof support structure and superior fit and finish of cab over body frame components. There are seven rows of longitudinal strainers made of 14 gage G60 galvanized steel. Bolted to floor to floor body bows, they enhance performance in virtually all situations from the stresses of a catastrophic incident to day-to-day stress load. The body and body bows are each fully insulated with fiberglass insulation. The window post cover is bonded to the body bow and adds structural support to the body. Anodized black finish to match the bus windows giving it a continuous blackout window effect and enhanced styling. Bumpers are poly coated with a beaded edge for added strength. This makes them highly impact resistant and flexible. Some of the benefits to this body and bow structure are reduced corrosion, maximizes structural integrity in body attachment, prevents stress risers or cracks due to stress risers and is easier for field service, reduces water infiltration.

SEATING - The seat frames are tubular steel, 1" diameter and black powder-coat to resist rust and abrasion. The seat cushion foam is attached to a plywood base, and covered with transit grade 42-once fire resistant vinyl. Cushions are removable from the seat frame by releasing the latch beneath the cushion. All passenger seats are mounted using our versa track seating system Welded into the body made up of high strength low aloe galvanized steel adding another structural beam at the impact zone and uses steel inserts that lock the track into the floor. All seats installed by Trans Tech Bus comply with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in effect at the time of manufacture. Some of the benefits to this seating configuration are it reduces corrosion points, adjustable seat spacing while in the field, add or remove seats easily, no floor penetration, reduces water infiltration and is certified for all seating designs.

RUB RAILS - Two polyurethane painted rub rails are installed on each side of the body at seat level and floor line level. These rub-rails are mechanically-fastened twice to each vertical post and upright body member. All rails are vented to prevent condensation leading to rust, and to promote air circulation. Rails are pre-primed with an epoxy primer prior to attachment to body. Seat level rails wrap around the rear corners of the body and extend to the emergency door opening. A benefit to separate rub rails is it allows for easier and better service.

EXTERIOR PANELS - Exterior panels are fabricated from.050 thick aluminum which is pre-primed before installing on the unit. Wherever aluminum is attached to steel structure, an isolator is used to prevent electrolysis; panels are fastened to structure with stainless steel self-sealing rivets. In addition, panels are fastened together with a high-strength structural adhesive.

INTERIOR PANELS - Interior roof panels are fabricated from .040 high-gloss white pre-painted aluminum. Panels below windows are fabricated from.030 stucco-embossed mar-proof aluminum. White pre-painted panels are attached to structure with white pre-coated square drive screws which deter tampering. Clear coated aluminum panels are attached with stainless-steel rivets. Front and rear bulkheads, as well as trim pieces and driver storage compartment are high-gloss finish fiberglass, white in color.

STEPWELL - Step well is fabricated from pre-primed 14-gauge G-90 galvanized steel. Two step risers are furnished. Step well is illuminated by a step well light which is actuated by opening the entrance door.

ENTRANCE DOOR - Entrance doors are made from anodized black aluminum, with a flat black look. Glass is light-tinted, as limited by federal standards. Glass is one-piece top to bottom, with no sight-restricting center bar. Door is equipped with a manual, over-center-mounted door control attached to a heavy-duty square-tube support structure.

REAR EMERGENCY DOOR - Emergency exit doors are made from anodized black aluminum. Glass is light-tinted tempered, as limited by federal standards. Glass is one-piece top to bottom on the exterior. Door is equipped with a 90 degree hold-open device to prevent sudden door closure caused by wind during emergency evacuations. 3pt lock mechanism is equipped as required by FMVSS.

PASSENGER SIDE WINDOWS - Passenger windows are constructed of black anodized aluminum frames, and feature light-tinted (62% light transmission) glass as standard. Windows may be raised or lowered by means of two (2) thumb latches, which are removable and replaceable without having to remove the entire window. An exterior drip rail runs the entire length of the bus to inhibit water-shedding into the vehicle with the windows slightly opened. A water stop is furnished on driver side to prevent water from running down onto the driver when entering or exiting the vehicle.

EXTERIOR LIGHTING - All vehicles are built with lighting to conform to FMVSS. MFSAB models shall be equipped with lighting in compliance with the regulations of the State of final destination. The entire electrical system is color coded for easy wire circuit identification. All switches are located in the driver’s area with easy access & back lit, so the driver does not take his eyes off the road.

PAINT AND METAL TREATMENT - All sheet metal used in the manufacture of the bus body is either pre-primed (surfaces which require painting) or pre-painted (interior panels), to provide the highest-quality paint finish. All metal parts which are painted by Trans Tech receive a chemical cleaning and zinc-phosphate etching prior to primer application. Prior to final; quality control checks, the entire underside of the bus body is coated with a waterproof, asbestos-free undercoating.

ELECTRICAL - All Trans Tech products incorporate a state of the art plug and play electrical control system, providing the operator with both convenience and reliability. The driver switch control console is located within the drivers forward vision line, large body switches, built in system diagnostics, color coded and function marked wire harness.

REAR CAPS - The rear caps are made of molded fiber glass and attached with stainless steel screws. They provide a reduction in body seams and improved styling. There is also an optional lighted school bus ID sign which is a translucent decal over fiber glass cap and backlight protecting against water leaks in the sign area.


Specifications for Dual Rear Wheel Gm Chassis

Specifications listed are standard equipment:
Additional or different equipment may be ordered as an option

Dimensions (Standard Lengths)
INTERIOR WIDTH (At seat level): 90” Min
EXTERIOR WIDTH (At widest point): 96” Max

139” W/B 4 Section+9” Body: 231”
139” W/B 5 Section Body: 249”
159” W/B 5 Section+9” Body: 258 3/8”
159” W/B 6 Section Body: 276 5/8”

76 ½” High x 24 ½” Wide

52 ½” High x 35 ½” Wide


24” Min (may be more; based on seat plan)

11 ½” Min

139” W/B 4 Section+9 Body: 138”
139” W/B 5 Section Body: 156 ½”
159” W/B 5 Section+9 Body: 165 3/8”
159” W/B 6 Section Body: 183 5/8”

Specifications for Tran Dual Rear Wheel Ford Chassis

Dimensions (Standard Lengths):
INTERIOR WIDTH (At seat level): 90” Min
EXTERIOR WIDTH (At widest point): 96” Max

138” W/B 4 Section+21”: Body 238 5/8”
138” W/B 5 Section Body: 244”
158” W/B 5 Section+21”: Body 266”
158” W/B 6 Section Body: 272 1/8”

76 1/2” high x 24 1/2” wide

52 1/2” high x 35 1/2” wide


24” Min (may be more; based on seat plan)

11” min.

138” W/B 4 Section+21” Body: 150 1/4”
138” W/B 5 Section Body: 155”
158” W/B 5 Section+21” Body: 177 5/8”
158” W/B 6 Section Body: 182 5/8”