September 10, 2012 - Trans Tech names John Phraner new President: Current President Dan Daniels Leaving Company to be closer to Family

Warwick, NY: Trans Tech announced today that it will be naming John Phraner of North East Fabricators the new company President. The announcement comes on the heels of current company President, Dan Daniels’ decision to leave the company so that he can be closer to his family in the mid-West. Daniels will help new President John Phraner transition into his role and plans to leave the company sometime before the end of the year.

“I’ve known and worked with Trans Tech for a long time,” said incoming President John Phraner. “I’m looking forward to working with Dan Daniels during the transition as we keep the company moving forward on the road to becoming the premier manufacturer of cutaway Type-A school and small commercial buses.”

“It was a difficult decision to leave Trans Tech,” said outgoing President Dan Daniels. “There are so many great and dedicated people here. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I was given. It was exciting to be part of a team that helped make Trans Tech a leader in the production of innovative conventional Type-A school buses. I am confident the company will be in great hands with John Phraner at the helm.”

Daniels is responsible for bringing a number of product design innovations that helped increase the efficiency and popularity of Trans Tech’s school and commercial buses. He also instituted a number of quality control changes and improved the efficiency of the company’s manufacturing process over the years helping to increase production capacity. 

“The integrity that is inherent in Dan is a value hard to find these days,” said Bart Marksohn Trans Tech Co-founder and Board Member. “I value our continuing relationship and wish Dan the best as he joins his family in Indiana. As Trans Tech begins this new chapter, we are looking forward to working with John Phraner. I first met John about five years ago when he was a supplier to Trans Tech. I was always impressed by his commitment to his employees. I’ve learned over the years that a leader who keeps his employees happy, keeps his customers happy too.”

Mr. Phraner spent the last twenty-two years at North East Fabricators in Walton, NY as the General Manager. He and his partner helped make North East Fabricators a regional leader in custom metal fabrication and supplier of structural steel weldments. North East Fabricators currently employs around sixty people and has been a supplier to Trans Tech over the years providing them with metal fabrication services and products for their line of conventional Type-A school buses.

Phraner’s career also includes time spent as President of South East Fabricators where he oversaw the production of over five thousand fabricated units that were supplied to Oshkosh for their MTVR military vehicle platform and American Truck Corp. where they manufactured hundreds of truck bodies.

“We certainly have mixed emotions regarding the change,” said Trans Tech Co-founder John Corr. “On one hand we are very happy to have such an accomplished individual like John Phraner as our new company President, and on the other hand it’s hard to lose someone as capable as Dan Daniels – he will truly be missed.”

Leonard Bus President and Trans Tech dealer, Mike Leonard commented, “I’ve been in the bus business for a longtime and I can honestly say that Dan Daniels and John Phraner are two of the best in the industry. I know Dan will do very well in his new career path and I’m looking forward to working with John as the new President of Trans Tech as we work to expand the market for Trans Tech school buses.”

Phraner and Daniels will be working closely in the coming months during the transition to continue the company’s positive momentum. Daniels will be taking a new position within the industry sometime before year’s end.

About Trans Tech Bus: Trans Tech Bus manufactures cutaway commercial buses and is a division of Transportation Collaborative Incorporated. The company is located near the New York metropolitan area in Warwick, NY and is New York’s only school bus manufacturer.