February 10, 2016 - Trans Tech President John Phraner talks about “Smart Manufacturing” in School Transportation News Article

School Transportation News

Warwick, NY – School Transportation News, a national publication covering the school bus industry, has published an article featuring Trans Tech President John Phraner in its February 2016 issue. 

The “Pursuing Excellence” feature takes a look at what top school bus manufacturers across the country are doing to improve overall efficiency and add customer value.

In the “Cutting Waste Cuts Costs” section of the article, Trans Tech President John Phraner talks about how the company was able to improve efficiency and reduce waste at its manufacturing facility in Warwick, New York by going from a traditional assembly line to a circular one:

“(Smart Manufacturing) boosted productivity and quality control, which benefits our workforce, the environment, and our customers,” Phraner said. “The circular production allows our manufacturing experts to work from a more centralized location, which brings great efficiencies and also allows our workforce to communicate more easily during the manufacturing process…”

To read the entire article click here for the online version and here for the print version.

Photo - Trans Tech’s manufacturing facility in Warwick, NY.